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Flo Wall

Design: Foster + Partners - 2011
Description: FLO is the result of the first collaboration between Lumina and Foster+Partners: it's design is minimalist and timeless, with fine and precise detailing integrated in a streamlined form. With the advanced LED technology FLO is the very essence of light: minimal yet elegant, sober yet forceful, geometric yet harmonious and warm.
LED lights for wall, in varnish coated aluminum and steel with pivoting arm. You can switch on with one click for full light intensity, with two clicks for half light intensity.

Flo Wall Product Number: 975 (with adaptor)
Flo Wall M Product Number: 976 (without adaptor)

Light Sources: Flo Wall: LED 1x 3W by Citizen. The maximum energy absorption is 5W.

Finishes: st: soft touch paint - op: matte paint
01st Black • 02op White • 03op Red • 05opYellow • 26op Orange • 27op Cyan • 28op Green • 29op Bronze • 44 Nickeled • 32 Gunmetal

Flo Wall Fig.a (cm)
Flo Wall M Fig.b (cm)

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