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M2L does not authenticate vintage furniture.

M2L is the authorized manufacturer of Harvey Probber® furniture produced after 2012. Vintage pieces produced prior to that date are the purview of the antiques market, and should be authenticated by a qualified auction house or appraiser. We do not make recommendations. As with any vintage piece, antique or art, insist the seller provide provenance: a record of ownership as a guide that it is genuine. In this case the original bill of sale or original Harvey Probber label is acceptable.


Recently I have received the same question from a couple of clients who are Harvey Probber fans: “How can Todd Merrill, under his heading "custom classic” designed by Todd Merrill, feature a sectional as close as you can get to the genuine Harvey Probber classic deep tuft designed in 1972 ?. In fact Mr Merrill used to sell the vintage Deep Tuft so the answer is pretty clear…
American trademark law prohibits Todd Merrill from using the name ‘Harvey Probber' Deep Tuft, so it seems Mr. Merrill simply decided to take credit for the design himself, most probably unbeknownst to his clients. Mr Merrill purports to represent authentic vintage furniture; it's his reputation as an authentic source that most disappointed the customers who asked me about it.
I’ve decided next time an architect or design professional asks me this question I'm going to refer them directly to Mr. Merrill and let him answer for himself.
Michael Manes 
Founder M2L, Inc.