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From the Market section of Interiors Magazine, December 1972

Harvey Probber Cubo modular seating c.1972

Change is our way of life. Why shouldn't our furniture reflect it? Why should it string us up with static shapes? Harvey Probber offers an answer.

His "Cubo" seating system is made of modules that move into any appropriate arrangement to suit the style or space. The modules, each alone adequate for sitting, are simple geometric shapes – 32" squares and quadrants. Each may be specified with arms (high or low) and backs. Modular tables, at either seat or back heights, add another dimension of flexibility.

Harvey Probber Cubo modular seating c.1972
Harvey Probber: "Cubo"-imagine the possibilities!

Tables are either round-edged in polyurethane enamel or square-edged in plastic laminate. Four of the seven sizes available are offered with surfaces of satin brass, bronze or chrome steel. The looks of the seats themselves can change with the weather, or with whatever. The upholstery is engineered to zip on or off sans struggle. Probber will provide a second set of slipcovers on order.

Harvey Probber Cubo modular seating c.1972

"Cubo" has a high comfort quotient. Construction consists of steel reinforced urethane foam wrapped in a coat of puffy Dacron. Maintenance is minimal. The deeply recessed ebony enameled steel legs avoid scuffing and give the lounge a floating feeling. Ebonized wood bases are also available. A tufted version of the system is also offered.- c.c.c. 

Harvey Probber Cubo modular seating c.1972
Harvey Probber: "Cubo"-one of an endless variety of groupings

Photos courtesy Harvey Probber Design Archive